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Nebraska Municipal Clerk Institute and Academy

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nebraska municipal clerks' association.

The Nebraska Municipal Clerks' Association (NMCA) is a section of the League of Nebraska Municipalities.

Constitution and By-Laws

nebraska municipal clerks newsletters

The newsletter often contains late breaking information about activities and events during the upcoming Clerk Institute and Academy. These are posted on the League of Nebraska Municipalities website at

Among other features, the newsletter includes the Municipal Legal Calendar.

March 2011 - The League of Nebraska Municipalities recently overhauled its database and is in the process of redesigning their website.  As a result, we no longer have access to the previous list of Clerks Newsletter recipients.  If anyone knows of other Clerks who would like to receive the Clerks Newsletter, please send us their email address or have them sign up on the League website. For questions please contact Matt,, 402-476-2829.

nmca dues form

The NMCA Membership Dues Statement for October 2012-September 2013 is now available.

Please note the statement and payment should be sent to LNM at the address listed on the form; not to UNO or the Clerk Institute.

iimc annual conferences.

2014, May 18-22 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2015, May 17-20 - Hartford, Connecticut
2016 - Omaha, Nebraska

officers and directors.

The election of Officers and District Directors takes place at the general membership meeting held during the week of Clerk Institute and Academy in March. Confirmation of those elected takes place during the Annual Business Meeting held during the League of Nebraska Municipalities Annual Conference in September/October. Those elected take office October 1. The Executive Board meets during the Mid-winter Conference (February), Nebraska Municipal Clerk Institute and Academy (March), Finance Conference (June) and at the League Annual Conference (September/October).

Those wishing to run for NMCA Secretary or District Directors will need to complete the NMCA Biography and submit to the Nomination Committee.

A new Secretary is elected each year. Once elected Secretary, the person moves up the chain of command to Second Vice President, First Vice President, President and Past President.

New Directors for Districts 1 and 2 will be elected in even numbered years; and New Directors for Districts 3, 4, and 5 will be elected in odd numbered years. District Director is a two-year term. Look at the map of NMCA Districts to determine which district you are in.

executive board and directors, 2013-2014.

President    Susan Kloepping,  Cozard
First Vice President   Kellie Crowell, Revenna
Second Vice President   Lea Ann Doak, McCook
Secretary/Treasurer   ReNae Edwards, Grand Island
Past President  Mary Kempf, West Point
District Director 1 Rosie Russell, Kimball (elected 2012)
District Director 2 Wendy McKain, Trenton elected 2012)
District Director 3 Linda Jensen, Central City (elected 2013)
District Director 4 Sue Murray-Lee,  South Sioux City (elected 2013)
District Director 5 Kathleen Gottsch, Sprinfield (elected 2013)

Officers serve one year terms and District Directors serve two year terms.

local area associations.

View a map of NMCA Local Area Associations.

Download a list of Local Area Associations Officers and meetings times - updated March 2013

Counties: Sioux, Dawes, Sheridan, Box Butte, Scotts Bluff, Morrill, Garden, Banner, Kimball, Cheyenne, and Deuel

Counties: Keith, Perkins, Chase, Dundy, Lincoln*, Hayes, Hitchcock, Dawson*, Frontier, Red Willow, Furnas*, Gosper*, Phelps*

Counties: Lincoln*, Custer*, Dawson*, Gosper*, Furnas*

Counties: Custer*, Dawson*, Gosper*, Furnas*, Harlan, Phelps*, Buffalo, Sherman, Valley, Garfield, Wheeler, Greeley, Howard, Hall*, Adams*, Kearney, and Franklin

Counties: Hall*, Adams*, Webster, Nuckolls, Clay, Hamilton, Filmore*, Thayer

Counties: Polk, York, Fillmore*, Colfax*, Butler, Seward, Saline, Jefferson

Counties: Boyd, Holt, Knox, Antelope, Boone, Nance, Merrick, Platte, Madison, Pierce, Cedar, Wayne, Stanton, Colfax*, Thurston*, Dixon, and Dakota.

Counties: Thurston*, Cuming, Burt, Dodge, Washington, Saunders*, and Douglas*

Counties: Saunders*, Lancaster, Gage, Douglas*, Sarpy, Cass, Otoe, Johnson, Nemaha, Pawnee, Richardson

*Overlapping Area Clerks Associations

nmca committees 2012-2013

nmca committee descriptions

Education Committee (July through June)
Chair: Beth Deck, MMC, Norfolk, (through June 2015)
Pam Buethe, CMC, LaVista, (through 2015)
Mike Fleer, Battle Creek, (through 2014)
Sue Murray Lee, CMC, South Sioux City, ( through 2013)
Kelly Oelke, Hickman, (through 2015)
Brenda Wheeler, CMC, Blair, (through 2014)

Scholarship Committee
Chair: Susan Kloepping, Cozad

Celebration of Clerks Committee
Chair: Vanee Holtmeier, McCool Junction
Lanette Doane, Ansley
Andrew Devine, Albion

Certification/Membership Committee
Chair: Kathleen Gottsch, Springfield
Andrw Devine, Albion

Directory Committee
Chair: Linda Jensen, Central City,
Jean Polzkill, Central City

History Committee
Chair: Cathie Walker, Phillips,
Colleen McKay, Dalton
Rebecca Merritt, Maywood
Eliza Butler, Papillion
Rita Robinson, Cedar Rapids

Honorary Membership Committee
Chair: Lea Ann Doak, McCook
Mandy Garrod, LaVista
Melissa Waggoner, Potter

Newsletter Committee
Chair: Al Vacanti, Scribner
Melissa Hansen, Union
Jean Polzkill, Central City

Nominating Committee
Chair: Vanee Holtmeier, McCool Junction
Kandra Kinne, Cambridge
Jane Kinner, Ogallala

Thursday Night Banquet
Three Rivers Clerks' Association
Chair: Patty Knobe, Snyder

Vendor Sponsorship Committee
Chair: Tammy Cooley, Morrill
Dawn Schmidt, Yutan
Sheri Henderson, Ceresco
Debbie Thayer, Bladen
Mandy Garrod, LaVista

Silent Auction Committee
Chair: Kellie Crowell, Ravenna
Jennifer Kriha, Bayard
Sharon Swails, Ewing
Kristi Purintun, Overton
Angie Kucera, Pleasanton
Lanette Doane, Ansley
Al Vacanti, Scribner
Lea Ann Doak, McCook
Nicole Downey, Arapahoe

Wednesday Night Hospitality
NMCA Education Committee
Chair: Beth Deck, Norfolk

Clerk of the Year
Chair: Sue Murray-Lee, South Sioux City

Nebraska Clerks’ Yahoo Group

To join, a clerk has to be invited by an existing yahoo clerk. To invite a new member, email Nancy Evans at or with the name, municipality and email of the clerk to be invited. Nancy will then issue an invitation by email.

This is a closed yahoo group strictly for Nebraska clerks, deputy clerks and treasurers. Several years ago, we made that determination so the clerks, deputy clerks and treasurers would have a safe place to discuss things and even vent if they need to and not have to worry about it getting back to the boards and councils.